Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Please Pray for Julian Avery

You can sign up for updates & daily information on Julian by visiting the link above and after registering type in Juliansworld.

Julian was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma (aggressive cancerous brain tumor) .The tumor, the size of a golfball was totally resected on march 9th 2007. He has gone thru 6 weeks of radiations in april/may and after a 4 week break started chemo.

He was recently given a few weeks left here on earth. Please pray for this little boy & his family!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Change in format

I have decided to keep this blog but change it's purpose. Some of you know I have a group of friends, family, co-workers who I contacted a few years back to pray for a dear friends mother who was battling cancer. She is doing great by the way.

This started as a simple request from her son for me to pray for his mother, I went through my email address' and contacted everyone I knew that would be willing to pray for her. This email group is called "Prayer Warriors", over the years they have continued to receive emails with prayer requests, most of them don't know the person requesting the prayer, sometimes they do. The only requirement is that they prayed for those whom GOD led them to pray, they did not have to pray for everyone unless they felt led to do so. Anyone could send a request to be prayed for it didn't matter what the subject.

These warriors are from different denominations and while some live nearby in Florida, others live across this country.
Men & women who believe that they are called to pray on behalf of someone that is hurting. A few know each other because they are co-workers & friends, some are friends that started as my customers, others I have not even met myself but they requested prayer or asked to become a member.

Over these last few years I have had 2 computer hard drives crash so I have lost member address' (they are as a group so no individual name is seen) and I could not remember everyone in that original group of over 100 people.

If you would like to become a prayer warrior or have a request please email me anytime. If you don't mind sharing the request I will post as much or as little of the information on this blog as you would like me to post. I just ask that you keep us updated on your requests as they can be encouraging to those who are praying.

Blessings 2 U my friends.