Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lisa Update

My brother, Joe, called today and gave me the report on Lisa, his wife. She does have cancer--on--not in, her bones. There is no cancer in her brain or in her lungs. My brother said the doctor was hopeful. If the medication to inhibit the growth of the cancer does not work, then he says they will do chemo. She had chemo when she had breast cancer three years ago.

My precious brother was actually encouraged because it wasn't as bad as they had expected. Please keep Lisa and Joe in your prayers. I am very, very grateful for your prayers. Lisa is experiencing a lot of pain, but she has not taken anything narcotic because she wants to be alert and "normal" for her children. She wants to spend every minute she can with them. Please, please pray that she will be touched and healed by the Lord. He is well able to deliver her.

Gavin Update

The Ultrasound & Urinanalysis both came back normal, as did his enzyme tests. I asked Brittany to double check with them to see if they are running a complete allergen test on the blood they drew. Hope to know more soon. The vomiting has changed sometimes it doesn't occur until 1.5 hours after eating and it is partially digested other times it occurs immediately after eating. He is still loosing weight and currently is 10lbs at 3mo.
Pray for GOD'S healing for Gavin and to give this Doctor wisdom as to the cause & treatment.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Prayer Request for Joe & Lisa

I just talked with my brother, Joe. He and his wife both need prayer. Lisa is suffering and Joe is in turmoil. I know God can heal her and comfort him. Please pray with me and put them on any prayer chain you can. Their children are Olivia, age 10 and Philip, age 6. I know God is well able to heal. Thank you all. Meredith

Gavin update

Gavin has an appointment Monday at All Children's Hospital please pray the Doctors have Godly Wisdom, complete healing for Gavin & Peace for the family!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Little Gavin

I just talked to Brittany and I can tell she is frustrated. The techs only watched a few seconds while the barium started emptying into his upper intestine and said okay... as soon as she picked him up he vomited...the nurses stopped as it went across the floor.
She is trying to reach the ped. today, he was in pain & crying most of the night from what he didn't vomit & wouldn't even eat.
Please pray that GOD gives this Doctor the wisdom to know what & how to treat him quickly.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Husband's Father & Step Mother

Were in a serious car accident last night on their way home from Illinois... The other driver t-boned Dad's side of the car, their brand new car is totaled and they were both released from the hospital late last night with some injuries.
Larry drove to Jacksonville early this morning to pick them up, after waiting for the gentleman to open the impound lot at noon they gathered their belongings & are en-route back to Claremont.
Please pray for their safe drive home & Larry's peace of mind as the car was pretty bad to see.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Urgent updated prayer request for Leslie

Leslie found her husband Dale tonight he passed away from a heart attack.
Please pray for Leslie!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Leslie's Husband

Please pray that Leslie's husbands Job interview goes well & that he is hired for the truck driving position.
He was laid off in February and they are trusting GOD for employment!