Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In Memoriam

I hope Ana does not mind but I am just pasting her message, I couldn't have said this any better.

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you all to let you know Carol Nagy passed away early this morning in Lakeland, FL, about 7am, 17 Feb 2008, died in her sleep.

Several months ago she was diagnosed with lung cancer and immediately set to work doing what she was famous for, saving animals. She had a house full of doggies that had come from some very tough situations and she wanted to make sure they were placed in homes that could handle their special needs.
Keri Eckert her daughter was right there with her mom, helping her fulfill her dying wish. Kari set everything aside to help her mom get through this final stage in her life. Carol struggled to stay alive in hopes of seeing all her animals find new homes, a rescuer to the very end.

She had 6 dogs left when she was placed in the hospital in Tampa in January. We were able to set up transport to get 2 moved to PA & WV. That left 4 doggies, 2 of them very special needs. Then about a week ago, I was fortunate enough to talk with Carol, and let her know we had two transports in place, to move the other 4 to there new homes, that it would all be happening this coming Friday, 22 Feb. This was the news she so desperately needed to hear to have peace. That evening she began to fade quickly.

Carol was moved back from the VA Hospital in Tampa, to hospice in Lakeland just a few minutes from her home this past Wednesday. We managed to post the final run sheet for the last 2 dogs yesterday morning. Keri, her daughter, was able to take the copy and show her mom that the last 2 were definitely on their way. Carol finally had peace to move on and she did just that early this morning.

About 4 yrs ago I met Carol when we both were involved in rescuing doxies. Carol did much more than doxies. She helped rescue and transport for every breed of dog and cat, and she was heavily involved in saving many lives through 3 major hurricanes, Hurricane Charlie (Punta Gorda, FL area), Hurricane Ivan (Panhandle, AL & FL – Mobile, AL to Crawfordville, FL area) and Hurricane Katrina (all MS & LA coast). She moved animal, equipment, food, and lots of hope. She continued on until a few of month ago, when Carol’s health began to fail due to cancer. Carol opened up her arms and gave a home to those who were left without hope, including the human kind.

Kari was supposed to move this weekend into her mom home, since maintaining two homes with no income coming in was a huge burden, and now with a few more little doggies to help, she adopted some of her mom’s pets also. Sadly Kari’s move was delayed until this next Thurs, for very obvious reasons. Kari needs our help now more than ever to get through this very difficult time in her life. Let her know how very special her mom Carol was to all of us and how many lives she touched.

Carol is being cremated.

Any condolences and donations can be sent to:

Kari Eckert
Carol’s home Address: 116 W. Crescent Drive
Lakeland, FL 33805-1809

Kari’s Email:;

Ana Montero

Friday, February 1, 2008


Please pray for Larry, his father & his two sisters as they drive from central Florida to N.E. Illinois to attend Dad's brothers funeral.
Pray for the family that GOD would move mightily in the hearts of those who do not know Christ as their savior.