Friday, September 26, 2008

Carol G's brother Larry

Please pray for Carols brother Larry, He's at the hospital for a stress test where they actually put him in cardiac arrest, then monitor his heart, then stop it...he's had this before and ususally always has had to stay there for a bipass or let's pray that things go well

He has had several stints, and gone through open heart surgery. they heard some gurgling in his chest and are afraid of congestive heart failure. so there is fluid somewwhere around his heart.

his legs have been swelling so bad that he is in alot of pain at times. he's so brave to live with the fears about his heart and all...he said he packed his bag and is expecting to stay in the hospital, because he has never passed this stress test they're doing and has always gone right into surgery.

he has come through so much over the last few years, just pray God keeps him safe and with us a whole lot longer...thanks for your prayers....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Praying for Betty & her family

Please keep Betty & her family in your prayers as she just lost her father.

Prayer Request for Rachael and Kevin

Please pray for a sweet lady over the pond & her husband Kevin....they had to have their beloved dog Sacha put to sleep today.